Star Guest – John Parr (St Elmo’s Fire)

Produced in association with Harley-Davidson, American Anthems is the Spectacular Rock Musical based around the search for a legendary rock star who disappeared in the early 90’s at the height of his fame. Route 66 FM leads the search for the rock star,  Rocky Rhodes, tracking him across America to bring him back for one last concert.
The show encapsulates the most Iconic American music featuring artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Eagles, Elvis, Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, and including such songs as Walking in Memphis, We Built This City, Bat out of Hell, Born to Run, America, St Elmo’s Fire, Sweet Child of Mine, Proud Mary, and many more.
Appearing as a guest star is the legendary John Parr, who had a worldwide No.1 hit with  “St Elmo’s Fire.” John has toured with Richard Marx, Journey, and Bryan Adams in 2011, and has just released his 5th Album titled “Letter to America”.
Featuring a sensational cast of singers, dancers and musicians, this Spectacular Rock Musical promises to be the rock show of the year, recapturing the memories of America’s most iconic music.
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26 February 2012 | PETER FELDMAN

PERFORMERS: Ged Graham,  Tiffany Low, Rebecca Kelly
DIRECTOR: Ross Mills
VENUE: The Mandela, Joburg Theatre, until  March 11


SHOW: American Anthems - There’s been such a surfeit of poorly conceived tribute-type shows staged over the years in Joburg that the mere mention of another one is enough to drive you up the wall.

However, the good news is the British production of American Anthems is  dynamic.

It’s a well-structured, meaningful concept that traces rock’s glorious past with integrity.

The performers don’t attempt to imitate the superstar artists who created some of music’s most memorable tunes, but what they do is provide near-prefect interpretations of the music.

American Anthems Rocks


Written by Lynley Main - 27 February 2012


A dissolute preacher man, an ageing rocker, an accomplished band and an epic journey across the US in search of Rocky Rhodes – American Anthems is a must-see.

ROCKY Rhodes was the world’s biggest rock star in the early 1990s, but then he mysteriously disappeared the day before his 27th birthday and a sell-out concert at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Route 66 FM took up the gauntlet and decided to track Rocky across the United States, just so that it could bring him back for one final concert. The trip covers places like Las Vegas and Memphis, and features a cast comprising a naughty reverend, an ageing rocker and the rest of Rocky’s band.

Some of the world’s best-loved rock tunes are brought roaring to life by this unlikely group, so that everyone can appreciate the finest American Anthems, which is playing at the Joburg Theatre.

Classics such as Hotel California, Living on a Prayer, Jolene, Sweet Child of Mine and Knocking on Heaven’s Door are expertly recreated and performed in true rock fashion, which will have audiences fighting the urge to jump out of their seats and mimic an air guitar of good old rock ‘n roll proportions.

It is as much a celebration of American rock music history as it is a fun tale of searching for a missing star.

American icons come to life

American Anthems

Director: Ross Mills

Cast: Ged Graham, Andy Wood, Rob Castel, Rebecca Kelly, Tiffany Low, Robyn Ford, Abbie Porter, Helen Stainsby, Stephanie Hyde, Liam Holmes, Adam Evans, Barrie Cooper, Nathan O’ Borne, Mike Flynn

Venue: The Mandela Theatre, Joburg Theatre

Until: March 11

Rating: ****

It’s funny how in American Anthems there is a quip about “tribute bands” – when this show itself can be seen as a tribute act.

We get an influx of tribute shows yearly and while they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there a market for them. Some have stood out more than others and American Anthems definitely shines. The musicianship here is tops, period.

High Octane Music Reverberates On the Nelson Mandela Stage with American Anthems!

Chris Meklis - XHRISTYLE

It really is uncanny how, when it comes to music - there is that immediate sense of camaraderie, a bringing together and unifying of people like no other!

It has been like this for time in memoriam and it never ceases to both amaze and humble me at just how powerful a medium music can be for healing, bridging gaps and barriers between cultures and simply bringing sheer joy and rejuvenation to the spirit.

I think that this particular time,like no other, when we find out world in disarray, the binding force of the universal language of music for many will be their constant- their comfort in the face adversity.

The Joburg Theatre has brought to SA a group of some seasoned performers- musicians, vocalists and dancers in a hit show called American Anthems and as I imbibed myself in waves of raw musical ecstasy in this rock-a-minute dynamo of a showcase of some of our most beloved rock/pop standards, I was reminded once again (as if I, who survives on music could ever forget), just how deliciously wondrous the sojourn of the world of good music can be.

Amen to American Anthems – project me day 784


It’s nearly March! Once again I’m expecting to be staring at a Christmas Tree with that, ‘where did the year go?’ look of shock in my eyes. But there’s one think I’ve worked hard at, knowing how lost I can get in the world of social media and making my career happen. I promised myself that there would be me time and us time.

I’ve waited all my life to be in love and I can’t stop staring at the ring on my finger, but that’s now where I want happiness to end and begin. So Pat and I have decided to have moment … very special moments. Going to the zoo, picnics under a tree, movie night … and the theatre!

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